Brain Booster-WaterBrain Booster - Water Part 2
Brain Booster - Sleep Part 2

Brain Booster – Water Part 1

Brain Booster-Water

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According to Courier mail, 80% of Australians suffer from symptoms typical of dehydration and the majority don’t recognise key symptoms. I would have to agree with this figure.

Over the past 20 years in facilitating leadership programs when I ask participants to raise their hands who drink at least 2 litres of water only 10-20 % do! And these participants are health care practitioners.

First sign of dehydration is a headache. Other symptoms include fatigue; bad breath and constipation. Our bodies are 90% water, 2 litres over 10 hour consumption would be a mere 200mls less than a cup an hour. An adult has approximately 5 litres of blood plus lymph fluid. That 200mls of water an hour has a lot of work to do for you including shifting toxins into your kidney and bowel.. Help your body, drink water – filtered preferred. Let the filter do the work not your kidneys.

Let the first liquid to touch your lips after a night’s sleep be water – warm water is advised even a few granules of salt in it to facilitate transfer into the cells. Bring a water bottle to work and in your car. Love and honour your body for the amazing work it does for you. Help it keep you healthy!
Of course, if you have cardiac or renal disease consult your doctor as to what volume is safe for you.

I commit to drinking at least 2 litres of water a day for the next 2 weeks.
We welcome feedback on your results!

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Author Brain Boosters and Principal PowerMind: Ilze Jaunberzins Dip Teach; RN; BASN; Mapp Sci (Social Ecology) Cert Pastoral Care; Cert Life Coaching; MACMHN.

Brain Booster-WaterBrain Booster - Water Part 2
Brain Booster - Sleep Part 2

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