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Science based tips to achieve positive change.

Are you someone who suffers from poor sleep?

Are you one of this staggering statistic that 4:10 adults have insufficient sleep? 1. Australian Government Inquiry.

Impacts of insufficient sleep include:

  • increased risk of chronic diseases
  • impacts on mental health
  • impaired judgement
  • increased risk of accidents
  • reduced productivity.

A great tip is the eye mask The mask has two great benefits.  Firstly, it blocks all forms of light, which assists in the production of melatonin.  Melatonin is important for sleep as well as building serotonin (mood) hormone.  Secondly, the mild soft pressure on your eye balls soothes your neurology and enhances deep relaxation.

If you wake up during the night from a nightmare don’t toss and turn and toss and turn. Reset your sleep circuit. Get up. Go to the kitchen. Put on the kettle. Soothe your gut brain and have a warm drink and then go back to bed.

Consistently waking up at 2 am and unable to get back to sleep could be a sign of depression. Check it out with your GP.

More great sleep tips to help you:

Interested in the Inquiry Report? It is a very easy and informative read:

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Author Brain Boosters and Principal PowerMind: Ilze Jaunberzins Dip Teach; RN; BASN; Mapp Sci (Social Ecology) Cert Pastoral Care; Cert Life Coaching; MACMHN.

Brain Booster-WaterBrain Booster - Water Part 1
Brain Booster - Sleep Part 1

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