Brain Booster-WaterBrain Booster - Water Part 1

Brain Booster – Water Part 2

Brain Booster-Water

Science based tips to achieve positive change.

Has your water intake improved since the last Brain Booster on water? What results have you noticed? Dehydration has very serious effects on your body including headaches, cloudy thinking, fatigue, halitosis (bad breath) and constipation.

Spinal care nurses advise their clients to “get your urine as clear as possible as quickly as possible”. That is great advice for us too. Starting your day with warm filtered water sets you up for the day.

I continue to drinking at least 2 litres of water a day for the rest of my life. I honour and value my body for its loyal functioning.

The following guide is great to assess your level of hydration:

Am I drinking enough water?

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Author Brain Boosters and Principal PowerMind: Ilze Jaunberzins Dip Teach; RN; BASN; Mapp Sci (Social Ecology) Cert Pastoral Care; Cert Life Coaching; MACMHN.

Brain Booster-WaterBrain Booster - Water Part 1

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