Brain Booster - Sleep Part 2
Good Cop – Bad Cop?

Brain Booster – Sleep Part 1

Science based tips to achieve positive change.

Sleep affects all areas of our life. It is a fundamental building block of achieving and maintaining good health, along with good nutrition and adequate exercise. Yet it is often overlook and ignored.

The Australian Government Inquiry continues to say that a staggering 40% of adults experience inadequate sleep.

Impacts of insufficient sleep include:

  • increased risk of chronic diseases
  • impacts on mental health
  • impaired judgement
  • increased risk of accidents
  • reduced productivity.

In 2016-2017 inadequate sleep was estimated to cost the Australian economy $66.3 billion.

How many hours of quality sleep do you get? If you are keen to improve your sleep, this link can help with some great tips:

Interested in the Inquiry Report? It is a very easy and informative read:

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Author Brain Boosters and Principal PowerMind: Ilze Jaunberzins Dip Teach; RN; BASN; Mapp Sci (Social Ecology) Cert Pastoral Care; Cert Life Coaching; MACMHN.

Brain Booster - Sleep Part 2
Good Cop – Bad Cop?

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