Stop being busy – Be effective!

Cool that Overwhelm

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed?
Feel that you’re getting yourself deeper into a hole you can’t get out? In this state your brain will actually brake lock. Frustration mounts and creative solutions stop.

So, what can you do to cool down?

There could be complex reasons you are overwhelmed. Let’s unpick a few.

Sheer volume of what you need to do.
How did that happen? Were there opportunities to delegate? Delegation is a key leadership skill where you recognise what needs to be done, assess your team’s capacity, speak up and follow through tasks have been achieved

Do you say yes too often?
What childhood patterns could be driving you to agree and say yes to everything. Numerous therapies can assist you to clear those unhelpful patterns. PowerMind practices; teaches and recommends Emotional Freedom Technique

Do you choose activities that are essential to your well being?
Are you aware that core values drive human behaviour. Are you aware of your top 5 values? Contact PowerMind for a free easy fun exercise to find out

Procrastination leads to delay and further leaking out of the stress hormones of CAN (Cortisol, Adrenal, Noradrenalin) A book that has helped me overcome my procrastination is Eat that Frog 21 Great Ways to stop Procrastinating and get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy

Disciplined in focus and completion.
It is easy for us to be washed away by information flooding. Another book that is filled with science and yet easy to read is Focus by Daniel Goleman.

The neuroscience of overwhelm and how it limits innovation Article courtesy of Neuroleadership Institutehttps:

Stop being busy – Be effective!

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