Since the launch of the program, graduates have completed various levels of the coaching program. A full list of clients will be supplied to enquirers genuinely interested in speaking to them personally to hear of their journey and results. If you are interested please contact us.

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Personal Coaching Testimonials

What pearl have I reaped from the Power Mind Course? I have found contentment in who I am! I have achieved this by following Ilzes very inspirational 1 day course & then joining the 12 month course to study each principle in depth. This has transferred into daily practices which makes life run more smoothly in my personal life, work & community. Most importantly is that Ilze's course can be applied to any area of life. Ilze gives such good value for her course, keeping in constant communication about any uncertainties. I am recommending this course to all my young families that I connect with through my music business.

Maija Upenieks, Thirroul Music

PowerMind has supported me in discovering my true self and allowed me to work through many life experiences that have weighed heavily on my ability to express my vision and life purpose. It has been a powerful experience and it has been hard work, but the investment has paid dividends with enormous positive benefits....... it is an experience that will stay with you and guide you each and every day

Love & best wishes Cheryl Mc

As a single mother, it has given the confidence to be a positive role model for my children and others that come into my life. Ilze's coaching gave me the strength in staying focused in making a career change to secure a job that I love. I've learnt techniques to stop depression overcoming me. I am stronger in keeping organised in my daily living with the added benefit of being in control of my finances.

Administration Assistant, Foundation PowerMind Graduate

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Professional Coaching Testimonials

Through the advanced coaching system of PowerMind as a Graduate of the Foundation Course I have high personal buoyancy & health, and high confidence in decision making & facilitating conflictual meetings. I have been assessed by peers as having high emotional intelligence. I navigate the future with confidence. I highly recommend the PowerMind coaching system.

Susan B, Senior Nursing and Midwifery Manager NSW

Exceptional elite leadership coaching at a high results focused level. The application of NeuroLeadership principles has given me the political, social & emotional intelligence to lead high performance teams that achieve set targets as well as maintaining my own high level of physical and emotional health and resiliency. Another advantage of the program is that the knowledge is sustainable and transferable therefore giving very high value for your coaching investment.

Michelle B, Senior Nursing Manager NSW

Before Powermind I was struggling at work managing some difficult staff behaviours, stressed out and stuck in a relationship that was dragging more and more out of me. Within 3 months of Powermind coaching I was "emotionally intelligent" enough to turn my team around and by 5 months I was out of my relationship and starting to enjoy the things I have wanted to do for years. This was no accident.....this was the principles of the Powermind self empowerment in action. Not easy but....WOW my life has been transformed!

Mary, Clinical Nurse Consultant

I have found PowerMind methods to be of incredible benefit for myself, my family and my Future Visions. The tools of growth that Ilze introduced to me, supported by a better understanding of my own and the human psyche, has undoubtedly changed my life in a profound way. I give my utmost thanks to Ilze and Carolyn for their support and encouragement over the past 2 years, enabling me to realise my true life path, and the tools to continue the journey to benefit others.

Facilitator and Author Australia

Every aspect of my life has been affected by the PowerMind coaching. Effects have influenced my mind, body and spiritual health. As a result those around me have also been affected in my work environment, my family, friends and acquaintances. The coaching has reinforced my own sense of self, increased my self confidence and confirms the intrinsic value of every human being with whom we come in contact.

Executive Nurse, NSW Health 2012

Since meeting Ilze and embarking upon the powermind journey I have experienced significant personal growth. My level of understanding about why things happen from a scientific perspective has been dramatically elevated and I have developed strategies in how to control what I can control. I have also gained a deeper understanding of the situations in life which are happening around me and employed effective techniques to manage them. I am gaining an increasing knowledge of the six core intelligences and methods of applying them in both my personal and business life. I feel that I have received an enormous amount of support, faith and encouragement from Ilze which is very unique and a strong catalyst enabling me to propel towards my goals and vision.

Central Coast Business Man

I found the course beneficial not only to myself but to those around me, particularly family and work colleagues . At the time of my coaching with Ilze I had just been appointed into the position of Facility Manager in an Aged Care Facility. I was able to use many of the neuroleadership teachings to establish my own leadership "stamp" as well as assist my colleagues in their roles so that the management team had a clear vision of our goals and this was communicated through all levels of staff. A very positive culture was developed based on values and this culture built a workplace where people felt happy, safe and cared for. In addition in 6 months I introduced three major changes: introduced innovative medication system, pet therapy and instigated a large staff development program to allow staff to gain a recognised qualification in their field of work. 30 staff participated and in recognition the facility gained a National Award for this initiative. Throughout this time I maintained my health, buoyancy and positive solution focused attitude.

Carolyn W, ex-Central Coast Nursing Home Director of Nursing and Executive Officer